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Data protection policy for Elcare Nordic

This Privacy Statement applies to the collection, storage and use of personal information on (the "Website") and in connection with purchases, repairs and other inquiries at Elcare Nordic's workshops. Elcare Nordic, is responsible for the processing and can be contacted with questions Contact information for us is Data protection representatives at Elcare Nordic can be contacted at:

1. Why do we collect personal information and what kind of information do we collect?

Below we have made an overview of which categories of personal information we collect about you and for what purposes we use these. We have also pointed out what we consider to be our basis for treatment in the various cases:

  • Information collected to enter into and fulfil the agreement: When purchasing or repairing products, we register, among other things, name, telephone number, email, address and any payment information, the type of item (s) or service (s) you have purchased, when you purchased, when you ordered service and any delivery information. If the item or the repaired device is to be sent to you, a delivery address is also registered.
  • Our administration of sales: When purchasing products at a workshop or webshop, we will also use your personal information to be able to handle and execute the order.
  • Complaints and repairs: If you complain about an item or ask us to make a repair, we need contact information to be able to register the complaint and carry out repairs with associated information about service status, service history, as well as any product upgrades, and to keep you updated. Some manufacturers also require you to be identified in order for them to accept or carry out the repair themselves. In order for the repair to be carried out under warranty or insurance, personal information is normally required to complete the job.
  • Customer service: Depending on what the inquiry is about and which channel you contact us from (phone, chat or email), we will need to identify you, what activity number you have and for example your address, your phone number and any email address. We will store the personal information we need to help you, such as name, purchase history, service history and contact information (email, phone number).
  • Electronic marketing: Only if you have explicitly agreed to it, we will use the personal information we have about you to send you offers and information about our products and services. In this connection, we use i.a. the information we have about your previous orders to give you quotes that we think you will be interested in. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting customer service.
  • Participation in market research and campaigns: Only if you explicitly agree to participate in a survey, campaign or the like on the Website, we store your personal information.

2. Who gets access to your personal information?

In some cases, other companies gain access to your personal information.

  • Other companies in the group: Personal information will in some cases be shared with other companies in the group, for example in connection with customer service. The information we share in the receiving company will not be used for purposes other than those stated above in point 1.
  • Partners: We have entered into partnerships with selected companies which means that these companies ("Partners") may sell their own goods on the Website, and in some cases, we provide Partners' products and services (eg repair, insurance or financing). If you purchase a product that has been delivered by one of our Partners, the Partner will be responsible for the processing of personal data that is processed to fulfil the purchase or repair agreement. In relation to our Partners, we are to be regarded as a service provider ("Data Processor"). Questions regarding the Partner's processing of personal data must be directed to the relevant Partner.
  • Use of external suppliers: If you order external services, contact information and other relevant information we have registered about you may be disclosed to the supplier.
    • Service providers (future WEB-shop)
    • Service companies (subcontractors)
    • Carrier companies

3. Access from abroad

In the event that Elcare Nordic uses subcontractors established outside the EU / EEA, we will ensure that the treatment is subject to protection equivalent to that which applies within the EU / EEA, for example, the EU Commission's decisions on adequate protection for the country, transfer with necessary guarantees, EU standard agreements, EU-US Privacy Shield or other similar schemes.

4. Use of cookies etc.

We use so-called cookies or cookies to improve the user experience on the Website. A cookie is a text file that, when visiting or interacting with a web page, is stored in your browser's internal memory. You have the ability to prevent us from placing such cookies in your browser.

  4.1 Google Analytics and Google Ads 

As an important part of our work to continuously improve our solutions, we look at the user patterns of those visiting our website. To gather and analyze this information, we use Google Analytics.

Google Analytics uses cookies that register users' IP addresses and provide information about each user's movement on the web. These are small text files that the website stores on the user's computer.

The information we receive will be for example;

  • How many visit different pages
  • How long the visit lasts
  • Where the user comes from
  • Which browser and device are used

None of the information allows us to link information about your use of the website to you as an individual.

Information collected from Google Analytics is stored on Google's servers in the USA. The received information is subject to Google's privacy guidelines. All of this is in accordance with the EU's data protection legislation (GDPR). The data is processed by Google LLC, Elcare Nordic AS, and Elcare Nordic's selected partners.

  4.2 Meta Pixel 

We use the Meta Conversion Tracking Pixel to track and improve our campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. You can read more about ads on Meta products and how you can adjust your personal settings on Facebook here. We use the information we get from this to improve and further develop our website, as well as to provide you with relevant and tailored marketing.

The data is processed by Meta, Elcare Nordic AS, and Elcare Nordic's selected partners.

  4.3 LinkedIn 

We use the LinkedIn Pixel to track and improve our campaigns on LinkedIn. You can read more about LinkedIn's privacy policy here. We use the information we get from this to improve and further develop our website, as well as to provide you with relevant and tailored marketing.

The data is processed by LinkedIn, Elcare Nordic AS, and Elcare Nordic's selected partners.

5. Storage time

Information on purchases and repairs will, as a general rule, be deleted when there is no longer a need to store the information to answer customer inquiries and complaints, unless we need the information to fulfil other legitimate purposes, such as to fulfill the Accounting Act's obligations. Personal data that we process on the basis of your consent will be deleted if you withdraw your consent. Accounting legislation and other legislation may in some cases require us to store certain types of information for a longer period of time.

Instead of deleting the personal data, in some cases it may be relevant to anonymise the personal data. By anonymisation is meant that all identifying or potentially identifying characteristics are removed from data sets that are taken care of.

6. Your rights

Elcare Nordic appreciates your feedback. Here you can see what rights you have at any time and which you can exercise by contacting us at

  • Withdraw consent: If you have given consent to receive inquiries from us about offers for our goods and services, you can withdraw this consent at any time. Consent can also be withdrawn by contacting customer service.
  • Request access: You have the right to access which personal information we have registered about you.
  • Request correction or deletion: You can also ask us to correct incorrect information we have about you or ask us to delete personal information.
  • Complaint to the supervisory authority: If you disagree with the way we process your personal information, you can submit a complaint to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

7. Changes

We may make changes to this Privacy Statement, for example, as a consequence of making changes to the structure or functionality of the Website. If we make significant changes, we will inform you about this on the Website.