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SWAP Services

Elcare Nordic keeps a large number of different exchange units in our warehouses. Exchange devices can be sent directly to customers at short notice. This ensures that customers do not have to wait for equipment to be repaired, which is often a requirement, including in the event of a faulty mobile phone. 
Only genuine parts are used in our exchange units. 


Among other things, we offer the following services:

  • Normal Swap: Elcare receives a defective unit that we exchange for an equivalent.
  • Pre-swap: Elcare sends out a yield unit with a return shipping label and receives the unit to be repaired afterwards. 
  • Upgrade:  If the customer wishes to upgrade as a mobile or PC, Elcare can assist with this service. 


Swap phone

A swap phone is a mobile phone that has previously been used by a user but has undergone a thorough refurbishment and quality control to be restored to near-original condition. Swap phones undergo proper testing and eventual repair of defective parts before they are reused. We only use "Grade A+" & "Grade A", which means they look like [OV1] [OV2]  almost new and perform almost as well as new devices. All so you can feel confident in the quality and reliability of these phones. There are also positive effects on the environment, compared to offering a completely new product:

  • Reduced electronic waste: By buying a swap phone instead of a new one, the demand for manufacturing new phones decreases. This helps to reduce the amount of electronic waste generated.
  • Resource recovery: Reconditioning involves disassembling, cleaning, and possibly replacing defective components. This promotes the reuse of working parts and reduces the need to extract and process new raw materials to make new phones.
  • Energy and water savings: Manufacturing new electronic products requires large amounts of energy and water. By reusing and refurbishing existing phones, the need for these resources is reduced.
  • Reduced carbon emissions: Since the manufacturing process of new phones generates carbon emissions, the use of swap phones helps reduce the overall environmental impact.

In conclusion, a swap phone is a reliable and more environmentally friendly option that promotes reuse, reduces waste, and reduces the negative impact on our planet by reducing the need to manufacture new devices. It's a practical way to help conserve natural resources and reduce carbon emissions while gaining access to an "almost new" mobile phone.


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